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KPHI improves health outcomes by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and partnering with agencies, communities, health systems, media, and academia. The Kentucky Population Health Institute works with our clients to provide:

Population-Based Health Program Design

  • Program Evaluation

  • Convening and Partnering
    • Conferences and Seminars
    • Children’s Environmental Health Summit
    • Health Impact Assessments

  • Facilitation and Training
    • Leadership Training – Kentucky Population Health Leadership Institute
    • Quality Improvement Training
    • Facilitation and Presentation Skills
    • Board Training
    • Health Impact Assessment Training

  • Technical Assistance
    • Accreditation and QI Training and assistance

  • Health Policy Advocacy
    • Healthy Lifestyles
    • Indoor Air Quality – Smoke-Free

  • Grant Writing and Resource Development




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Kentucky Population Health Institute
​Promoting Responsive Healthy Policy.  Strenghtening Local Public Health.