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Our overall approach stems from our work in accreditation, quality improvement, and community engagement where we know that those closest to the problem have the solutions to the problem. People, given the opportunity to have a voice in their community, can bring positive change and offset many of the social determinants of health. Kania and Kramer capture this approach in their work on collective impact, encouraging broad cross-sector coordination. The KPHI strategy created by our advisory board guides our collective work:

  • Create an environment to enable important conversations between public health practice, academia, and policy.

  • Bring in relevant, integrated, translated, and interpreted information from public health practice, academia, and policy.

  • Build and value relationships between all the players within the Kentucky population and public health system including practitioners, academics and policy-makers – as well as Kentuckians who are the beneficiaries of public and population health services and activities.

  • Advocate for innovative ways to approach problems rather than prescribing specific solutions.

  • Continuously learn and exhibit flexibility within projects and programs.

  • Find creative ways to teach others what we have learned.

  • Conduct our programs with an intense listening to the needs and ideas of the community.

Kentucky Population Health Institute
​Promoting Responsive Healthy Policy.  Strenghtening Local Public Health.


History | The Kentucky Population Health Institute is an emerging institute in the 39-member National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI). A grant from NNPHI and provision of a mentor from the Georgia Health Policy Institute helped guide the formation of our institute. Here in Kentucky, we enjoy a rich past and beautiful natural landscape, however, the health of our population continues to be a challenge; one that the Kentucky Population Health Institute seeks to overcome.

Mission |Bridging partnerships for improved health and quality of life (connectivity, collaboration, commitment, facilitating, engaging).

Vision | Optimal health and quality of life for all Kentucky communities (communities being broadly defined beyond geography).

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